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Everything gray needs to know. She already knows you don't need those stupid, ancient Jedi attacks. I'Ve been there for thousands of years yeah, it's like fuck it your shit burned down, but I'm also glad they used a puppet Yoda instead of the CGI one, because the Phantom Menace one still looks really weird to me to this day so kind of like how Force awakens borrowed some heavy. You know plot things from a new hope. Last Jedi kind of borrow us from Empire Strikes Back in a sense of oh, we got a novice Jedi going to an older Jedi Master to learn ways to force why the Empire officer, the first order is closing in on the rebe

So I kind of took me out of it a little bit, I'm not saying they borrowed from Return. The Jedi is the fact that uh, you know the Empire or Snoke was trying to convince Vader. I mean kylo to kill Luke, I mean Rey, and so you think that like Snoke is gon na kill ray, but then at the last second kylo comes in to save her. Where have I seen that before you know, what just call this movie return? Jedi strikes back so what was the point of kylo and If you liked this write-up and you would like to get even more info pertaining to investigate this site kindly go to the web page. rays connection between Jez

I dont think its really trying to be either Instead its more of a light puzzle game, While youre vacuuming up all the little bricks and tufts of grass to grow your hole. You always find a few objects out of your reach. Like in this level, where you have to suck up the river to reveal the fish inside, but the hole can only hold so much water, so you have to drain it by taking it over to a bird and letting it drink it all. And then, a later level expands on the mechanic by requiring you to operate a log flume ride by filling the hole with water and spraying it upwards to spin a water wheel. Its all really simple stuff, but it gives the game some desperately needed substance and variety.

Our next recommendation, is'Lipstick Under My Burkha' Director Alankrita Shrivastava, desperately wanted to show us mirror of our Indian society. That'S the reason why she took not 1, not 2, but 4 types of woman characters and successfully portrayed them in the movie. I don't think its 50 or 60 %, but most of the people, especially woman, are forced to live a life imposed by our Indian society. We suggest you to watch this movie, as this movie have got many awards on the international platforms as well: Har mind-blowing kahani, ke, piche, Kuch, bahaut, hi, kharab decisions, hote hai, Hamari, agli recommendation, mard, ko dard nahi hota Mard, ko kaha hi dard hota, hai matlab. We are the ones'Who Dominate' hum Gym rule Hota hai mard, ko dard hota hai men can feel emotions, but here's the contradictory fact Hamare is movie ke main lead, mard, ko dard, hi, nahi, hota hai.

Satan visits new york looking for his new bride can a regular cop stop him today, we'll go through 1999's american unnatural action, horror film called end of days. Spoilers forward, satan will unleash hell on globe, people will die, some will survive, some will cut off their tongues. It'Ll get strange, we have informed you, this is definitely just my opinion on the movie and not a alternative for viewing it feel free of charge to watch the film 1st for the entire knowledge, i suggest it: 100 links to download and stream. The film are in the description below provide the video a quick like and register to our channel recommend any movies you'd like us to cover in the comments or sign up for our discord server. Now, a few get right into it. The movie begins in old times we're talking about the late 70s when disco pants had been still popular in the starting. We find this handsome old christian man, opening a chamber of secrets and searching through an ancient scroll, the scroll seems to have a secret which he hurries to share with his fellow gossipers. We observe him operate through a literal palace, but the movie's budget was a total of a hundred million dollars, so it makes sense. The environment is certainly intense when he shuffles into a room full of pope look-alikes and the actual pope in the middle. The handsome old man tells the pope that she will be born today. She who we don't know yet the pope tells the others in pope language that the child must be found and killed. Excuse me, sir. I thought we were against sinning. They vaguely talk about this girl being evil and all the pope orders our old man, tomato tomato tomas, our man tommaso, to find the girl and keep her from evil somewhere else. In a city, a woman gives birth to a little girl. The doctors lie and say she's beautiful she's covered in blood. For god's sake. The nurse then takes the infant with her to another floor for what you ask to feed her snake blood. I'M not even kidding the doctors in the room seem to be a part of a demonic, satanic, extremely weird cult. We also notice that the girl was born with an arm tattoo after they're done. The nurse takes the infant back to her mother unknown to the satanic ritual. Her daughter has just been a victim of the mother, takes her child back. She names the baby christine a lot of time passes and now it's the late, 90s 1999 december 28th to be exact, no more disco pens. The world is excited to welcome the coming of the new century. The conspiracy theorists do what they're best at spread rumors about the world. Ending. We see two construction workers doing their jobs in the streets of new york when suddenly everything goes shaky shaky and everyone goes. Oh, my god, it's an earthquake. The workers start to run for their lives when somehow everything starts to explode from the flames comes out an invisible something who, i believe is satan. He goes into a fancy: restaurant and troubles a man in the restroom when the man dies, satan takes over his body. So anyways the now satan person comes out of the restroom and starts to make out with a lady, satanic behavior at its peak. He casually walks out of the place which explodes into flames right after. Oh this man is kinda cool. The scene then cuts to a rusty, looking apartment, where a man holds himself at gunpoint before he can pull the trigger his friend walks in with coffee you're welcome suicide plan postponed for coffee. The friend pulls the blinds down, and we see the man is arnold schwarzenegger. Although he was nominated for the razzy worst actor award for this movie, so let's keep our expectations. Low. Arnold is playing a former police detective jericho cain, whose daughter and wife were killed by a contract killer he's going to provide security for someone from wall street while at work he does the normal men in black things talking in codes through a walkie-talkie wait. Who is that, anyway, jericho's client is satan from earlier? He saves his client from being shot by an assassin but gets shot himself. Of course he doesn't die. One he's arnold schwarzenegger and two he has a bulletproof vest on. He pursues the assassin in a helicopter that he boards, while it's still in midair, then he jumps out of the helicopter and hangs with the man mid-air after some flying bullets and running through the streets of new york city, jericho, finally, catches the man who seems to Be on the verge of death himself, the man accuses jericho, of setting loose the dark angel or something like that. The old man's a nutcase jericho realizes this and shoots him in the legs, while searching his body for evidence. He finds an empty wallet same old man. Same later, a police detective calls jericho a lunatic for claiming that the old man assassin talked to him because it turns out he has no tongue after a lot of investigating jericho and his friend reach an abandoned house-like building with crosses and other symbols drawn on walls. Jericho finds something inside a jar which surprise surprise is the man's tongue. His friend then discovers a picture of a girl inside a jar inside a fridge, weird placement. The police detectives get there right on time to be suspicious of the two. They informed them that the assassin was a priest who vanished some months ago. The scene then changes to a girl traveling on a train and wait. This man is here too. The creep from earlier stands in front of the girl and calls her christine christine the snake blood feeding, baby man. She has grown up as christine touches the man to get him away from her. He breaks yes, his body breaks into pieces, christine screams in fear, but everyone is looking at her like she's a maniac, that's my biggest fear being pursued by satan, easy public embarrassment. No sir christine then returns back to her mansion turns out she's rich. She calls her therapist to tell him about the events. He asks her to take medicine and sleep. Easy peasy, while investigating jericho, goes to the assassin priest's church, where the other priest gives him a vague answer about the 1000 years ending. Then we see our satan visit. Christine'S therapist he's been plotting this for years, and everyone around christine is just preserving her for him. Satan goes inside the therapist's house, who introduces him to his wife and daughter in the following scene. We see them um sinning. If you know what i mean next, he visits the old assassin priest in the hospital and well kills him mercilessly look at the face. That has haunted your dreams for a thousand years. By mercilessly, i mean engraving bible verses on his back and then impaling him to the ceiling. The police find the name christine york on the assassin's back jericho quickly, figures out her address and goes to meet her. Meanwhile, christine is at her mansion when she discovers her father died in a bathtub. Some men enter the house and grab her one of them. I assume their leader starts, citing bible verses, indicating their priests they're here to kill the girl and end the evil. The same thing, priests in the movie have been talking about, but our hero is there just in time. Jericho gets into a shootout with the priests and saves the girl. He gets a bible-like holy book from the shelf and matches the priest necklace with a picture in it. The bible says they're. The good guys you know christine is in trouble when even the good guys want to kill her outside our very own. Satan kills jericho's friend the explosion alerts the two let's get out of here: satan walks inside through the flames and both christine and jericho, seem to recognize him. They run away from the man and meet the police detectives. Jericho had been working with. However, they too point their guns at the girl. Everyone is team satan. Now jericho has no way out. He kills them and takes christine to the church. You don't need that. You have no enemies here. The priest there finally explains to them what the hell is going on. So the bible said at the end of a thousand years, satan will rise from hell again. He has to bear a child with a chosen one. We all know who that is so satan basically has to sin with christine before the clock hits 12 on new year's eve. By doing so, he'll unlock the gate of hell. Jericho thinks this is just a bunch of [ __ ], but christine believes everything she wants to stay with the priests of the church. I think it was a mistake to come here if the devil does exist. Why doesn't your god do anything? We have to have faith. Jericho cannot force her, so he goes back to his rusty apartment. Guess who's waiting for him. There yep satan. He wants jericho on his team, because jericho has hatred for god. He despises god for killing his family. Satan has an innovative way of trying to convince people. He makes jericho hallucinate about his family's death. He promises to bring them back from the dead if jericho tells him where christine is, but our main boy is stubborn af the deal doesn't seem fair enough to him and now satan is angered, but at least jericho believes he's real. Now satan throws jericho out of the window, but the main boy saves himself. He even manages to throw satan out with surprisingly strong strength before jericho can take a breath of relief. His friend the one who died earlier knocks at his door. They plan to meet outside the church in an hour back at the church. One of the pope look-alike priests comes to meet christine turns out, he's there to kill her rather than meet her. The good priest asks him to stop, but he again repeats that the girl must be killed to end the frickin evil before he can stab her. Jericho stops him right. Then satan arrives at the church's door. I'Ve come from my wife, all of you are doomed. Jericho takes the girl and runs away. Would he always somehow manages to do? We see satan crack? The pope look alike's neck ouch. Jericho makes christine get into a car with his friend who is team satan. Jericho is the only one surprised when his friend takes the girl away in the car, then a bunch of satan's followers and satan himself attacked jericho. Satan wants him to see the end of the world, so he impales jericho alive on a building and leaves with christine. So how could he have avoided this? Well? First of all, fleeing from the church was a wise thing, because if they had stayed, they would definitely be killed. He'S satan. For god's sake, however, going into a dark, alleyway bad move. Jericho obviously got to the church in a car, they could have taken the same car back, but let's say he came by taxi that way they would have a better chance to run away if they had stayed on the main road and taken a cab. The world is getting ready to celebrate the new century, i'd like to see their faces when the world ends a random man on the street, saves jericho and brings him to the church. Our main boy is saved yay. If he wasn't in a secluded alleyway, someone could have found him sooner. They stitch his wounds and make him good as new. He rushes to the police station and tracks down satan's car. He makes it look easy, then he goes to the place where a bunch of weird satan followers say things that don't make sense. [ Music, ] christine is made to lie down in the front as satan circles. Her jericho takes her hostage before satan can say a word hell, didn't teach him speed. Jericho'S friend points a gun at him, but gets emotional before shooting satan doesn't support that and burns him to death for disobeying him. Everyone runs away when the place starts to ignite. In flames, they even leave their lord and savior satan survival. Instinct first demonic cult. Second, jericho takes christine and runs away. They end up on a working railway track and somehow a man stops a freaking train for them, they're still being followed by the crazy demon. Followers satan stands in front of the running train and is hit some seconds later. His hand emerges from the train's floor. Did they really think getting rid of the god of hell? Would be that easy? Just like that and the train's driver is gone. Jericho then manages to separate the lobbies of the train and shoot satan sending him flying like superman inside another lobby. If you look closely, you can see his ribs, the entity is busted and broken. Now the real satan comes out of gabriel's body. Remember the invisible thingy from the beginning of the movie, yes, that jericho and christine run to a church where he makes her hide. Just then the church starts to shake the benches fly. The statues start to burn a bunch of crap happens until the real deal. Satan rises from hell, a badass move, he looks kinda cool, not gon na lie, he strikes jericho and somehow enters into him. Just satan things christine runs over to him. Thinking that they've won. But little does she know. Jericho has been possessed by satan. She soon realizes when he manhandles her into the nearest table christine yells at jericho, to fight the satan inside him, and he does what else did we expect? He then takes a sword from nearby and stabs himself. Just then the new millennium starts. They have won again satan. Yes, he is pulled out of jericho's body and sucked into hell again. Christine sees jericho's, wife and daughter come to take him, maybe to heaven we'll never know, because the movie ends there. So that is how the movie end of days goes. Hope you, like the video, don't forget to leave a like and comment i'll see you next time.