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On this case it is a search, saying the 4 of a kind could possibly be anywhere in the course of our hand, or in this particular case at the entrance or back of the hand. Granted we may most likely add Array-like strategies to the Hand, make it Enumerable, and add Sample Matching hooks in it, however we just want it for sorting on this case. I may use multi-line sample matching however that may get messy with this as Straight checks won't play properly. This syntax works on all classes, not simply Structs, to get at attributes in a pattern match. Stylistically I like left-to-proper, therefore the return score if match sort syntax. We additionally want to score them so we've got a fast index of priority to reference elsewhere without iterating your complete array all over the place. A class or struct doesn't must be difficult, it simply has to supply some worth over repeating array sorts and string prints in every single place.

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